Thursday, December 27, 2007

Secret Santa

Secret Santa, by Sabrina James, is a wonderful book about how a secret santa game brings unlikely lovers together and opens their eyes to the reality that the person you're supposed to be with is right infront of you. Noelle has been crushing on Charlie since they were little. But when Secret Santa comes around, Noelle sees Charlie, and his brother Ryan, for who they really are. Lily has just had her heart broken by ex Jason. When Secret Santa comes, Lily finds out that even no ones can fall in love with popular boys and they can fall in love with her. This book tells the stories of Noelle, Lily, the two most popular sophomores, the beach girl, the two charming nerds and the biker. It is a wonderful book of how one little game can reveal so much about people and how it can bring unlikely friends together under the Christmas Spirit. Almost everyone will get their Christmas wish. At first I thought this book was kind of petty and such but in the end you can really see what you might be missing in your own life. Even though the book is kind of predictable in one part, in another part is totally suprising to see what happens.


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