Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sea Change

I just finished reading a fairly new realease entitled Sea Change, by Aimee Friedman. A surprising tale about the science based Miranda Merchant whose grandmother's death has brought her to the mysterious Selkie Island. Miranda is not expecting to be caught up in the superstitious legend and lore that surrounds Selkie and its inhabitants. This novel, told from the point of view of Miranda, as she tries to work through the unknowns of her grandmother, Isadora Hawkins, is very well written and is dripping with unexpected twists and turns. I spent about three hours reading it today; I just could not put it down. However, I think that the relationship between Miranda and Leo, a local boy, moves rather quickly and that Friedman could have stretched out the meeting and falling in love stages a little bit. Despite this small down-side in my opinion, this book is a wonderful read that you could curl up with on a stormy night. It made me want to have some family mysteries that need uncovering, or to go somewhere where legends are just waiting to be proven factual.

The De Granville Trilogy

I haven't updated this book list in a while, but I recently read a series of books that were so amazing, I just had to put them on here. The first book in the De Granville Trilogy, titled Blood Red Horse, illustrates the bond that forms between a boy and his horse. Will and his brother, Gavin, and their father, leave their home at Hartslove castle, they leave behind many, no knowing what will happen or if they will return, as they join the crusades alongside King Richard in the name of Christianity. I soon grew to love the De Granvill family and Hosanna, the blood red horse, as they fight for what they believe in.

In the second book, entitled Green Jasper, King Richard is being held for ransom, and his brother and many others are taking advantage of his absence, as our heroes return to Hartslove to try and return to a normal life. But, when Ellie, the center of both Will and Gavin's affections, is kidnapped by someone who we thought was loyal to the De Granvilles, Will and Gavin, and of course, Ellie, are launched into another life-and-death adventure, and Will and Hosanna are tested once again.

In the third and final book in this amazing trilogy, Blaze of Silver, Will and the Hartslove clan are assigned to bring to a large part of the king's ransom money. But an assassin has been ordered to come to kill one of the clan and Will, Ellie, and Hosanna are trapped in an uncertain position, where the outcome of their lives is uncertain. Loyalties are tested and misunderstanding is fueling the story.

The entire trilogy kept me on the edge of my seat; I even had to run out unexpectedly so that I could get Blaze of Silver to finish the series. These books so accurately display the ways of the times of crusades, religion, loyalty, friendship, love, and so much more.