Friday, May 30, 2008

Fifteen Love

Fifteen Love is the story of Mia Foley and Will Hollander. Mia is part of the "in" crowd, always with her two friends, Vanessa and Renata, unless she is practicing her viola or wondering about Will. Even though she does think that boys only think about cars and sports, and only think about sex once every 15 seconds. Will on the other hand, is a tennis star. He really wants to know what girls talk about, and has a major crush on Mia. "Fifteen love is the story of a boy, a girl, a viola, and a tennis racket. A story of family, friends, flirting, and true love". This was a very good book, and the way it is written keeps it interesting. I have heard that it is hard to read, because another character's life seems more interesting, but i had no trouble sticking with Will and Mia. I reccomend this book to anyone looking for a light read with little drama, comedy, and lots of love. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things is written by Carolyn Mackler, and is a great story of how to cope with your body. Virginia Shreeves has a larger-than-average body, scarfs junk food, and has a boy trying to get up her shirt. Not to mention next to perfect siblings, parents with high expectations, and popular girls. The Earth... is about Virginia dealing with her body and her peers. Her parents want her to slim down and her best friend has just moved to Walla Walla Washington. Ginny has to do this on her own, cold turkey. But when her brother is accussed of something horrible, her diet goes down the drain, and for Virginia, it's about being different in her family, standing out, and showing her independence. Soon, Ginny is running off to Seattle to visit her bff, getting an eyebrow peircing, taking up kickboxing, and dying her hair purple. But will happen to her and Froggy Welsh the Fourth(a.k.a. the guy trying to get up her shirt)? Amazingly well written and pretty much sums up the trials and tribulations that us larger-than-average girls go through. But also chronicles the importance of individuality and independence. :)


Cupidity is the masterful book written by Caroline Goode. It's Laura Sweeny's senior year in highschool, and she's looking for romance. She's a quiet "nerd" with glasses and lost in her Greco- Roman Mythology. When she asks Jupiter to send her a boyfriend, she never thought the gods would take her seriously. Now she's made a new friend, who is the hot new girl on the block, intent on finding Laura a boyfriend, who is actually Cupid in disguise. Soon Laura finds herself in a pickle, but in the end, turns out to be the next to perfect senior year. Very funny and the way Goode incorporates the greek gods into modern day is very admirable. Awesome book for someone who is looking for a little romance and some light reading. The really funny thing is when Cupid, a.k.a. Cupidity, shoots and matches up unlikely pairs. Nerds with queen bees and gangsters with nerds. :) LOVE IT!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Oh my goodness. This is one of the best written accounts of Holocaust happenings, that i have ever read. the rawness and truth of it all is unbelievable. Written by Elie Wiesel, a survivor, it shows us what really happened in concentration camps such as Aushwitz. what really happened between the jewish prisoners, and the SS officers. The feelings and changes that happened to the prisoners as everyday they realized that the end was almost there, but not quite. As Eliezer was seperated from his mother the day they arrived at berkinau, he immediately attached to his father. The goal was to not get seperated. As the jewish are tourtured and made to suffer, Elie starts to get angry with his father and loses faith in god and the values of the jewish people. A very well written book, keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting to know what will happen next. A depressing yet truthful record of the holocaust, someone looking for a happy book, would not want to read this book. We had to read this for English, which i didn't mind at all. Infact i was done before anyone else.