Thursday, May 29, 2008


Cupidity is the masterful book written by Caroline Goode. It's Laura Sweeny's senior year in highschool, and she's looking for romance. She's a quiet "nerd" with glasses and lost in her Greco- Roman Mythology. When she asks Jupiter to send her a boyfriend, she never thought the gods would take her seriously. Now she's made a new friend, who is the hot new girl on the block, intent on finding Laura a boyfriend, who is actually Cupid in disguise. Soon Laura finds herself in a pickle, but in the end, turns out to be the next to perfect senior year. Very funny and the way Goode incorporates the greek gods into modern day is very admirable. Awesome book for someone who is looking for a little romance and some light reading. The really funny thing is when Cupid, a.k.a. Cupidity, shoots and matches up unlikely pairs. Nerds with queen bees and gangsters with nerds. :) LOVE IT!

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