Monday, April 21, 2008

Blade Silver: Color me Scarred

Blade Silver is the seventh book int the True Colors series by Melody Carlson. Blade Silver is about Ruth Wallace who's life at home isn't so good. Her Mom's just had a breakdown when she tried to kill herself, her brother's run away, and she is cutting. All this because of her dad's harsh words to all that live in the house. At least Ruth has her art, and Glen, the new guy, and her crush. But Ruth has to keep her scarred up arms hidden, although she doesn't know how long she can last. Who DOES wear long sleeves in the summer time? Slowly her friends find out and Ruth has to make the toughest journey of her life. The journey that would take her through self realization, love, her dad's verbal abuse. A very good and well written book. This book makes us realize why people cut and why they can't stop.

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