Monday, October 1, 2007

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Lately, in my English class, we've been reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Its a very good book in my opinion. But then again I love historical fiction books and movies. And all those really good black and white movies. But anyway, so far we're on chapter 15, We've found out who Tom is, he's fallen in love, experienced a murder, and is now a "pirate". All of his adventures are so exciting, even if they are against the rules. He cuts school to go swimming and is so smart that he even threads his shirt back up to keep his Aunt Polly from noticing. But then his brother Sid, being the smart alec and tattle tell, will point him out in some way and he'll get in trouble anyway. Mark Twain was a fantastic writer, and i can seriously see why this is truly an american classic. Everyone should read this at least once in their lifetime.

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