Monday, October 1, 2007

Just Listen

Anabelle Greene, is a model, and on the Kopf's back- to- school commercial, she's the girl who's got everything. But Annabelle Greene's life is far from perfect. She's been alienated for something she didn't do, and her family is falling apart.

While I was reading Just Listen, i was having doubts about the story line. But once i got into the story, it became more and more interesting. Especially when Annabelle starts hanging out with Owen. And when she reveals what really happened the night that her life changed. This has become one of my all time favorite books. Annabelle has deal with so many things, her sister's got a serious eating disorder, life- threatening, her other sister's losing touch with the family, she's lost her best friends, and still? she's managed to find true love. Sarah Dessen is one of the best writers of our time, in my opinion. I also love This Lullaby, but i will do another post on that later. :D

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